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    Take Advantage of this Brand New Member Benefit!

    Lands’ End and MVMA are proud to partner together to offer you apparel that meets the highest quality standards in the industry, along with award-winning customer service.

    "We are committed to providing you very best clothing for work, life and style."

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  • 02/25/2019 7:53 AM | Kara Henrys (Administrator)

    Renal & Urinary with Joe Bartges, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVN
    Wednesday, March 13, 2019

    Register Online Now

    Dr. Joe Bartges received his BS in zoology in 1983 from Marshall University in Huntington, WV, and his DVM from The University of Georgia in 1987. He completed an internship and residencies in small animal internal medicine and nutrition in addition to a PhD at the University of Minnesota in 1993. After a post-doctoral position at the University of Minnesota, he joined the faculty at The University of Georgia in 1994 where he remained until 1997. In 1997, he joined the faculty at The University of Tennessee where he remained until 2015. During this time he achieved Professor of Medicine and Nutrition, held the Acree Endowed Chair of Small Animal Research, and served as interim department head for approximately 2 years. He then joined the staff at Cornell University Veterinary Specialists in Stamford, CT, as an internist and nutritionist and was Adjunct Clinical Professor of Medicine and Nutrition at Cornell University. Currently, Dr. Bartges is Professor of Medicine and Nutrition in the Department of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery. He is board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (small animal internal medicine) and the American College of Veterinary Nutrition.

    Topics Will Include:

    • Urine Trouble: Chronic Kidney Disease (Part 1 & 2)
    • Urine a Losing Situation: Proteinuria
    • Urine Discomfort: Urolithiasis
    • Urine a Mess: Micturition Disorders
    • Urine Agony: Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

    There is also the opportunity for attendees to earn 1 additional hour of mandatory CME credit for "Writing It Down: Legal Requirements for Veterinary Medical Records" for FREE with MVMA's attorney before the SAS seminar begins. You must be regsitered for the March SAS to qualify for this free session.)

  • 02/11/2019 7:13 AM | Kara Henrys (Administrator)

    Wednesday, March 6, 2019: Lecture at 6:00 pm and Lab at 7:00 pm
    MSU McPhail Equine Performance Center

    Join the MVMA Equine Committee and Frank Nickels, DVM, MS, DACVS for a lecture and lab on the proper techniques in preparing and applying the wooden shoe to the laminitic horse. The lab will have three stations with artificial horse limbs and hooves, by which veterinarians can practice their newly learned skills on. Participants will have the opportunity to apply their own wooden shoes to the models during the lab portion of this event.

    Register Online Now!

    Space is Limited - Only the first 15 registrants will be admitted. Registration ends February 27.
    MVMA Member Cost: $75.00
    Non-Member Cost: $125.00

    This event is worth 3 hours of continuing medical education (CME). Online registration only; onsite registration will not be offered. Learn more about Dr. Nickels here.

    Please send questions to Jeff Bunn, DVM at

    Generously Sponsored by

  • 01/28/2019 7:20 AM | Kara Henrys (Administrator)

    Pet owners don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

    Dear Member,

    As you may know, MVMA is a proud Associate Member of Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP) and we are very pleased to announce another program between PHP, Veterinary Medical Association Executives (VMAE) and our association. We believe this initiative, just like last year’s Forwarding Booking program, will have a significant impact on the health of your patients and your practice.

    This collaborative program focuses on the importance of re-engaging Inactive Clients and bringing them back into the veterinary practice. This is not your typical reminder program! First, it is based upon a client’s visitation history and not a timetable for a specific service. Second, a key difference is in the messaging itself. PHP’s unique empathetic messaging consists of three compelling points: recognizing that pet owners are busy but want to provide the best care for their pets, expressing sincere concern from the practice for their pets’ health, and conveying that an annual exam is as important as food and love. This program does not replace, but is actually complementary to, your current reminder program.

    Not convinced? During 2015-2016, 1,612 practices enrolled in PHP’s Inactive Client Reminder Program, which resulted in reactivating an average of 128 clients per practice (many of whom had been absent for two to three years). This led to healthier pets and healthier practices!

    The even better news is that this program is incredibly easy to utilize as it involves no staff training or changes to your practice team protocols. You need only to assign one or two staff members to identify lapsed clients and the rest is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    STEP ONE: Identify inactive clients.

    STEP TWO: Email those clients with PHP’s proven and ready-to-use compassionate messaging.

    STEP THREE: Start booking appointments!

    To get started, go to the Partners for Healthy Pets website and review the readily accessible resources provided: a copy of the Inactive Client Reminder Program white paper; a webinar explaining the compelling and proven results of the program; and the easy-to-use email templates with PHP’s unique and proven pet owner communications.

    MVMA is very excited to provide this opportunity to you and your practice. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


    Michigan Veterinary Medical Association

  • 01/21/2019 7:10 AM | Kara Henrys (Administrator)

    MVMA has been hearing more lately about unexpected  outcomes when dealing with pharmacies. While it is appropriate at times for veterinarians to write prescriptions the client then takes to a pharmacy, what do you do when pharmacy actions do not meet your expectations? MVMA is preparing frequently asked questions (FAQs) to address various scenarios. Here is an example:

    I believe a Michigan pharmacy changed the medication dose for a prescription I wrote. What should I do?

    The pharmacy should not change the dose of a medication on a prescription unless the pharmacist contacts you first to get your approval. In the event of a pharmacy error, your first responsibility is to your client to provide guidance on the correct dose to administer to your patient. This probably will involve contacting the pharmacy to request they correct their error and fill the prescription correctly. Subsequently, you have additional follow-up options ranging from education/outreach with the pharmacy to filing a complaint with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).

    The profession of pharmacy (pharmacies and pharmacists) is regulated by LARA. There is a pharmacy practice and drug control section in the Michigan Public Health Code as well as a set of rules by the Michigan Board of Pharmacy. The Board of Pharmacy General Rules are 33 pages long compared to 8 pages for the Board of Veterinary Medicine Rules (veterinary rules will be longer once the section on continuing education is added). These documents, though primarily focused on the profession of pharmacy, are worth a read since veterinarians are mentioned in a few places. Specifically, veterinarians are included in the definition of “prescriber” and there are responsibilities of “prescribers” stated in both documents.

    The specific section in the Michigan Public Health Code that covers pharmacists dispensing prescription drugs is MCL 333.17751. This section says, in part:

    333.17751 Dispensing prescription drug or device requiring prescription; requirements.

    (6) After consultation with and agreement from the prescriber, a pharmacist may add or change a patient's address, a dosage form, a drug strength, a drug quantity, a direction for use, or an issue date with regard to a prescription. A pharmacist shall note the details of the consultation and agreement required under this subsection on the prescription and shall maintain that documentation with the prescription as required in section 17752. A pharmacist shall not change the patient's name, controlled substance prescribed unless authorized to dispense a lower cost generically equivalent drug product under section 17755, or the prescriber's signature with regard to a prescription.

    To help assure that the prescriptions you write are appropriately filled at a pharmacy, consider taking the proactive actions below. The focus here is noncontrolled substances. As you know, there are special requirements for controlled substances.

    ·         As suggested by one MVMA member, put your prescriptions in writing; do not rely on telephone communication.

    ·         Review requirements for submitting prescriptions to pharmacies to help assure you are ameliorating the process of filling the prescription. For example, if you print out a prescription from your computer, be sure you manually sign the prescription rather than relying on an electronic signature. See MCL 333.17754.

    ·         Be sure you understand the pharmacist’s ability to provide generic equivalents. If you do not want a generic equivalent provided, be sure your “dispense as written” provision is done correctly. See MCL 333.17755. This section is newly amended as of September 26, 2018.

    ·         Review the detailed rules for information that needs to be part of the prescription. See R 338.479b Noncontrolled prescriptions.

    ·         If you find that clients are using certain pharmacies, consider a meet and greet with pharmacy staff. Here is what AVMA has to say as part of their policy on Writing Veterinary Prescriptions:

    The AVMA encourages prescribing veterinarians to exercise initiative and establish strong collegial relationships with pharmacists in their sphere of practice. Proactively establishing open lines of communication will establish the pharmacist as part of the veterinary health care team, promote education and foster consultations to address issues and questions that ultimately will arise.

    Nancy Frank, DVM, MPH, DACVPM
    Staff Veterinarian
    Michigan Veterinary Medical Association

    Have a specific question on this topic? Contact us at

  • 01/14/2019 7:02 AM | Kara Henrys (Administrator)

    January 25-27, 2019 at the Lansing Center in Lansing, MI 

    Register Online Now!
    View the 2019 MVC Program
    Print a Registration Form
    Make Your Hotel Reservation Here

    Interested in attending a wet lab to give you the hand's-on learning expereince you're looking for?

    The MVC has you covered!

    RECOVER Initiative Lecture and Dry Lab: A Technicians Guide to Recent CPR Guidelines 

    Speaker: Jordin Tillison, LVT, VTS (ECC)
    Veterinary Technicians Only - Limited to 20 Participants - Fee: $40

    This topic will cover the recent RECOVER Initiative guidelines from a perspective that is easy to understand for the general practice and emergency and critical care technician. A step-by-step approach to what the guidelines mean to technicians in every-day practice and how they can easily be implemented in their hospital. Creating a team approach to the CPR guidelines, and how each technician can play a role with the CPR patient. Preparing your hospital to be compatible with recent guidelines will be lectured on. Following the lecture, we will practice chest compression technique, manual ventilation, and run through CPR case examples.

    Subjective & Objective Evaluation of Equine Lameness

    Speakers: Drs. Carrie Jacobs and Laurie Tyrell
    Veterinarians Only - Limited to 15 Participants - Fee: $75

    This laboratory will focus on the principles of both subjective lameness evaluation and the use of inertial sensors in field-based objective lameness measurement as an adjunct to the equine lameness evaluation process. Participants will have the opportunity to observe, evaluate and discuss several live equine lameness cases, using both subjective and objective methods on the straight line, lunging, flexions and following diagnostic blocks. A ridden evaluation may also be included pending appropriate lame horse and rider availability. Emphasis will be given to subjective evaluation techniques, caveats and pitfalls of subjective evaluation, how to interpret objective measurements and the associated biomechanics (what is being measured and how) and comparing the data to the subjective assessment. Equinosis inertial sensor equipment will be used for objective measurement.

    Elective Altering & Alternatives for Exotic Companion Mammals

    Speaker: Dr. Angela Lennox
    Veterinarians Only - Limited to 20 Participants - Fee: $50


    Find out what you can expect when you join us at the MVC by visiting theMVC website!

  • 01/07/2019 7:02 AM | Kara Henrys (Administrator)

    Boosting Your Financial IQ to Maximize Fiscal Performance

    MVMA Members Invited to Register for FREE Webinars Designed to Elevate Financial Literacy of Veterinary Practice 

    For veterinary practices to thrive, those in leadership and management positions must be proficient in financial management. If financial management is not your forte, Boosting Your Financial IQ to Maximize Fiscal Performance will bolster your skills and increase your confidence in addressing a range of key financial topics. 

    This FREE, comprehensive, straightforward series dives into the essentials of financial management equipping participants to develop a deeper understanding of the financial statement, participate in real-world applications of KPIs, become better at budgeting, and gain insights into how to improve practice profitability.

    Speakers Terence M. O'Neil, CPA, CVA and Beth Scott, CPA from Katz, Sapper & Miller's Veterinary Services Group provide veterinary hospitals with business, financial, and tax advice to assist with the growth and management of their businesses.

    Trends at the Most-Profitable Veterinary Hospitals
    Wednesday, January 9, 2019, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm ET
    Click for more details and registration.

    These events are free of charge. The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) will issue a one (1) hour continuing education certificate to attendee for each session for a maximum of four (4) continuing education hours. RACE approval TBA.

    Terence M. O’Neil, CPA, CVA

    Terry O’Neil is the partner-in-charge of Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Veterinary Services Group. Terry provides veterinary hospitals with business, financial, and tax advice to assist with the growth and management of their businesses. He aids clients with tax and strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, mergers and acquisitions and/or sales of businesses, debt structuring, employment incentive contracts, financing, business valuations, buy-sell agreements, and other business and accounting services. In addition, Terry is responsible for the preparation and review of financial statements and tax returns. Terry often speaks at conferences regarding profit improvement, veterinary business valuation, succession planning, financial benchmarking, and other business topics. Terry was previously the CFO for a group of eight veterinary medical practices and was a stakeholder in the business. He was also a regional financial analyst for a national veterinary medical practice. Terry is responsible for the management of the Veterinary Study Groups’ database of veterinary hospital financial data for over 400 hospitals across the country. Leading this database allows Terry to identify trends and opportunities.

    Beth Scott, CPA

    Beth Scott is a director in Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Business Advisory and Veterinary Services Groups. She has been with the firm since 2004. Beth advises clients in accounting, tax, and business matters and has extensive experience in tax planning, tax compliance, financial statement analysis, forecasts and projections, accounting systems implementation, and key performance indicator reports. As a member of the Veterinary Services Group, Beth provides hospitals with benchmark and profit-enhancement consulting to help increase their profit and practice values. In addition to the day-to-day management of one of the largest national veterinary benchmarking databases, Beth actively participates in speaking engagements and industry membership groups. Beth was instrumental in working with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and Veterinary Management Group (VMG) to combine their chart of accounts that was subsequently released to the veterinary industry in June of 2017.

    Learn More Here

  • 12/24/2018 7:19 AM | Kara Henrys (Administrator)

    January 25-27, 2019 • Lansing Center • Lansing, Michigan

    Register Online Now

    View the 2019 MVC Program
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    Make Your Hotel Reservation

    Thank You to Our Sponsors - Meet the 2019 Exhibitors!





    Royal Canin
    Sophie’s Seminar, Inc.


    Animal Neurology & MRI Center, a MedVet Partner
    Aurora Pharmaceutical
    Oakland Veterinary Referral Services
    United Dairy Industry of Michigan

    Meet the 2019 Michigan Veterinary Conference Exhibitors!

    Abaxis  -  511
    AKC Reunite  -  202
    New Exhibitor! American Profit Recovery  -  615     *American Profit Recovery is an Approved MVMA Business Partner - Learn More!
    Animal Neurology Rehabilitation & ER Center  -  313
    Antech Diagnostics  -  213
    Aratana Therapeutics  -  510
    Aventix  -  113 
    Banfield Pet Hospital  -  508
    Bank of America Practice Solutions  -  414 
    Bayer Animal Health  -  315 
    Blue Buffalo  -  515
    BluePearl Veterinary Partners  -  708-710
    Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health  -  301-400 
    Boggs Specialties LLC  -  415
    CareCredit  -  500 
    Carr Healthcare Realty  -  602
    CEVA Animal Health  -  413-512 
    New Exhibitor! CryoProbe  -  702
    New Exhibitor! Dalcoma Specialty Pharmacy  -  101 
    Dechra Veterinary Products  -  203 
    Doctor Multimedia  -  412
    New Exhibitor! Eisner Gohn Group  -  314
    Elanco Animal Health  -  609-611 
    Elsevier  -  501-600
    Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services  -  200 
    FUJIFILM SonoSite  -  211
    Futrell & Futrell Builders, Inc.  -  403
    Great Lakes Imaging, Inc.  -  503
    Henry Schein Animal Health  -  513 
    Heska Corporation  -  208
    Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.  -  109
    Hospital Network Healthcare Services  -  222
    IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.  -  409-411 
    New Exhibitor! Innovative Pet Food Manufacturing  -  121
    K-Laser  -  320
    New Exhibitor! Kindred BioSciences, Inc.  -  612
    Luea Pharmacy  -  712
    Marshfield Lab  -  210
    MassMutual Michigan Metro  -  608
    Merck Animal Health  -  308-310
    Michigan Humane Society  -  623
    Midwest Veterinary Partners  -  115
    Midwest Veterinary Supply  -  214
    MSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory  -  601-700
    MSU Veterinary Medical Center  -  201-300
    Multimin USA  -  402
    MWI Animal Health  -  311
    Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences, Inc.  -  220
    Oakland Veterinary Referral Services  -  302
    Partridge Enterprises, Inc.  -  321-323
    Patterson Veterinary Supply  -  421-423
    Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets  -  509 
    Penn Veterinary Supply, Inc.  -  309
    PNC Healthcare Business Banking  -  221
    New Exhibitor! Premier Payment Solutions  -  228
    Radtech X-Ray, Inc.  -  514
    Ralph C. Wilson Agency, Inc.  -  408-410     *RCWA is an Approved MVMA Business Partner - Learn More!
    Rose Micro Solutions  -  603
    Sedecal USA  -  401
    Simmons Great Lakes  -  212
    Total Practice Solutions Group  -  312
    New Exhibitor! Unicom Solutions  -  614
    Universal Imaging, Inc.  -  111 
    Vetamac Inc.  -  215
    VetCor  -  420
    Veterinary Books by Success Concepts  -  303
    New Exhibitor! Veterinary Vision of Rochester  -  520
    VetMatrix  -  209
    Virbac Animal Health  
    Vortech Pharmaceuticals  -  502
    Zomedica  -  613

    Interested in exhibiting or sponsoring at the Michigan Veterinary Conference? Contact the MVMA today! 

  • 12/17/2018 7:21 AM | Kara Henrys (Administrator)


    Apply by December 31, 2018!

    MVMA is looking to fill the position of AVMA Alternate Delegate from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2023. This position works in conjunction with the AVMA Delegate to represent the MVMA in the AVMA House of Delegates each year and is responsible for keeping up on issues of concern to the veterinary profession for ongoing discussion with other delegates and the MVMA Board of Directors. The designee acts as a surrogate for the delegate in some MVMA board and other meetings and helps to elect nominees for councils and committees from the state. The individual also acts as a representative on issue-based committees at the AVMA House of Delegates Meetings. Travel is required to attend national and regional meetings three times a year, and MVMA board meetings as necessary.

    If you are interested, please contact MVMA at or call 517/347-4710. Interested individuals will be asked to submit a letter of intent, CV and responses to the following questions by December 31, 2018.

    Questions for AVMA Alternate Delegate Candidates:

    • Why are you interested in representing MVMA as the AVMA Delegate or AVMA Alternate Delegate?
    • What involvement or leadership positions have you had in organized veterinary medicine at the national, state and local level?
    • What leadership positions or experience have you had in your community?
    • What experience do you have in addressing veterinary medical issues?
    • Do you have the ability to commit to the necessary travel?
    • Do you have the ability to understand and leverage power and politics in organizations? How have you demonstrated this ability in the past?
    • Do you have the ability to help build consensus? How have you demonstrated this ability in the past?
    • What communication skills do you possess and do you work well with people?
    • How have you been able to demonstrate your ability to think “strategically”?

    Learn More About AVMA Leadership Positions Here

  • 12/10/2018 7:26 AM | Kara Henrys (Administrator)

    Continuing Medical Education is Now Mandatory in Michigan 

    Are you concerned about fulfilling the 2 new CME requirements on medical records and veterinary law?  MVMA has you covered!

    One of the new requirements that may be more difficult to obtain is 1 hour of CE on medical records and 1 hour of CE on state veterinary law and/or federal or state-controlled substance laws. Learn More Here

    If you'd like to take these courses in person . . .
    MVC 2019 attendees will have access to a 1-hour session on Friday, January 25 from 4:20 - 5:10 pm covering medical records, with the second 1-hour session covering veterinary law taking place the following day, Saturday, January 26 from 7:30 - 8:30 am. Register now for the 2019 MVC!

    Free sessions on these topics will also be done in conjunction with the small animal seminars. One of these sessions will occur from 8:30 - 9:30 am before each seminar begins and if you attend you’ll be provided with an extra CE certificate for these required courses. Register for the March or April SAS seminars here!

    All in-person sessions will be presented by MVMA attorney Andrew J. Gordon, JD. Descriptions are as follows: 

    Writing It Down: Legal Requirements for Veterinary Medical Records
    Are your medical records up to par? This session will explain the laws and regulations regarding veterinary medical records including best practices and tips to avoid licensing and client issues associated with deficient recordkeeping.

    The Basics of Veterinary Law: What You Need to Know to Protect Your License and Grow a Successful Practice
    This session will survey current topics in veterinary law with an emphasis on the veterinary provisions of the Michigan Public Health Code to help you run a successful veterinary practice. Additional topics covered in this session will include organizing a veterinary business, establishing employment policies, and recent developments in the field of controlled substances regulation.

    Or, if you'd rather take them online . . .
    MVMA members have access to both a 1 and 2-hour Michigan-specific medical record keeping online training that satisfies the new CE requirements. These online courses can be taken at any time and are designed not only to fulfill the new requirements, but also to improve your efficiency at creating a legally defensible medical record, compliance with state, federal and other regulations, and strengthen client relationships. Hosted by MVMA member and attorney Sarah Babcock, DVM, JD, We believe the 2-hour course will satisfy both the medical record and veterinary law requirements. 

    Are you a member? Contact us at to verify you rmembership and get the online course discount code!

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