Need someone to help out at your practice?

Anvita Bawa, DVM
(MSU 08, MVMA Member) Available for SA GP or general surgery in southeast MI/metro Detroit. [email protected]

Sharisse Berk, DVM
(MSU 95, MVMA Member) Available for SA relief or part-time work in Southeast MI.  

Rhonda Bierl, DVM
(MSU 00, MVMA Member)
SA relief work within one-hour of Highland. General medicine, soft tissue surgery, ultrasound experience. [email protected]

Catherine Collins, DVM
(MSU 06, MVMA member) Offering case by case soft tissue & orthopedic surgical services as well as general surgery relief. Based in the greater Lansing area, travel negotiable. [email protected]

Kenneth Corino, DVM
(MSU 94, MVMA Member) Small animal relief work. SE Michigan, medicine and surgery. [email protected]

Nichole Corner, DVM
(MSU 99, MVMA Member) SA Relief, General Practice. Providing relief services since 2007. Greater Grand Rapids area, up to 1-hr drive radius. Excellent communication, education and reliability. [email protected]

Bryan Cornwall, DVM, MBA

(MSU 89, MVMA Member) SA medicine and general surgery in SE Michigan; practice owner for 24 years. Great with clients and staff. [email protected]

Sandra Danes, DVM
(MSU 97, MVMA Member) Available for SA general surgical relief services. Ann Arbor area. [email protected]

Jeannine DeAndrea, DVM
(SGU 19, MVMA Member) Available for SA GP, urgent care, and soft tissue surgery in a 1-hr radius around Owosso. Exceptional client communication, detailed records, and ability to quickly adapt. References available. [email protected]

Jennifer M. Dec, DVM
(MSU 04, MVMA Member) Small animal general practice and emergency relief. Surgery, ultrasound, and excellent communication skills. [email protected]

Julie K. Eberly, DVM

(MSU 93, MVMA Member) 13 years mixed practice. SA relief since 2016. Soft tissue, spay/neuter, dentistry, good communication and charting skills. W. Michigan/Lakeshore/Holland/GR. [email protected]

Heather Ferguson, DVM

(MSU 90, MVMA Member) General SA medicine and surgery. Practice owner 25 years. SE Michigan. Excellent client and staff communication. [email protected]

Lisa Harris, DVM
(MSU 89, MVMA Member) Available for relief in Grand Rapids/Lakeshore area. Experienced SA medicine and surgery, avian, exotics. Friendly, good communicator. [email protected] 

Sean D. Hughes, DVM
(MSU 76, MVMA Member) SE Michigan SA relief since 1999. Part-time, prefer SE; will travelf or the right circumstances. [email protected] 

Sarah Jones, DVM
(Tuskegee University 12, MVMA Member)
SA/urgent care relief in SE Metro Detroit area. 11 years of experience. Great with staff, communication, and record keeping. Will travel up to an hour from the Detroit area. [email protected]

Cindy Kalicki, DVM
(MSU 94, MVMA Member) Eight years full-time, two years relief in SA general medicine/soft tissue surgery. SE MI, part-time or relief.  

Lynn A. Lawitzke, DVM, DABVP (Canine and Feline Practice)
(MSU 82, MVMA Member) Small animal relief work. Based in Jackson. [email protected] or

Jane Merrills, DVM, DABVP
(Tufts University 98, MVMA Member) 26 years’ experience in GP, urgent care, ER. Prefer to stay within 1-hour of East Lansing, open to travel if travel/housing is supported. [email protected]

Anne Meyers, DVM
(MSU 19, MVMA member) Available for SA GP, dentistry, and surgery in Metro Detroit area. Travel negotiable. Flexible, great client communication, organized. [email protected]

Katherine O’Connor, DVM
(MSU 14, MVMA Member) Exceptional medicine when you need it most. SA/exotics/emergency relief. Based in Southeastern, Michigan. References available.

Amy Peck, DVM

(MSU 97, MVMA Member) Available for relief in West MI/Grand Rapids/Lakeshore area. SA general medicine. Excellent communication skills, experienced and reliable. [email protected]

Sabita Rakshit, DVM
(JNAU89, MVMA Member) Proficient in small animal medicine and surgery with strong communication and record-keeping abilities. Available for relief or part-time positions in SE Michigan. [email protected]

Hollie Rebo, DVM

(MSU 06, MVMA Member) SA relief in metro Detroit/Downriver. Will consider travel. Excellent client education and surgery skills. [email protected] 

Susanna Rori, DVM
(MSU 15, MVMA Member)
Small Animal ER, Urgent Care, and GP Relief. Medicine and Surgery. Based in Southeast, MI. Travel negotiable. [email protected]

Kimberly Scutchfield, DVM

(MSU 08, MVMA Member) SA ER/CC relief. 10 yrs ownership, 5 years ER relief. SE MI, will travel. Great client & staff communication, fast paced, delegator. Compassionate patient care. [email protected]

Jim Sharp, DVM

(MSU 71, MVMA Member) SA relief, SE Michigan. Former practice owner. Proficient in sophisticated dentistry and medicine. Excellent communicator. [email protected]   

Margaret Sudekum, DVM

(MSU 89, MVMA Member) Available for part-time SA relief work in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. Good client communication skills. 
[email protected]

Linda Vanassche, DVM
(MSU 90, MVMA Member) SA medicine, surgery and emergency; excelling in dermatology and internal med. Travel negotiable more than 1½ hours from Lansing. Excellent written/verbal communication and record keeping. [email protected]

Sharon Waugh, DVM
(Iowa State Univ. 08, MVMA Member) SA GP, Urgent Care, Surgical relief Mid-Michigan (within 1 hour drive of Alma). Experienced practice owner, excellent client/staff communication. [email protected]

Amy Wildrose, DVM
(MSU 00, MVMA Member) Experienced, proficient, dependable, and convivial. Available for SA relief or part-time. Based in Lansing. Willing to travel. [email protected]

Erinn Williams, DVM
(MSU 06, MVMA Member) Experienced SA/urgent care relief in southeast MI based in Macomb. Travel negotiable. Thorough records, excellent communication, open to surgery (S/N, dentistry). [email protected]

Jennifer Zablotny, DVM 
(MSU 97, MVMA Member) Experienced SA relief for SE and mid-Michigan. References. [email protected]