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05/20/2019 7:27 AM | Kara Henrys (Administrator)

The MIOSHA - Radiation Safety Section (RSS) has launched a new online system.

Click here to learn how to register and link your account to the new online system.

The following activities will now be done exclusively using this system.

  • Facility and Machine Registration (application, changes/amendments, and renewals)
  • Print a Facility Certificate for posting at the facility
  • Radiation Shielding Plan Review
  • Mammography Authorization (application and renewals)
  • Excessive Dose & Medical Event Reporting

Access the System Website Here

Instructional Videos and Guidance Documentation

Below are two videos created to help you register an account and link records.

More instructional videos can be found here.

Frequent Asked Questions About Radiation Guidelines and Safety

Almost every facility that uses x-ray machines must provide personnel dosimeters (film badges or thermoluminescent dosimeters) to employees who use the x-ray equipment. Radiation dose to the dosimeter must be determined at least quarterly. Dental facilities that only have x-ray machines used for intraoral radiographs do not normally need to use film badges, although many voluntarily use them anyway to verify that employee radiation doses remain very low. Employers are required to keep radiation doses to their employees below the legal annual limit of 0.05 Sv (5 rem), and the dosimeters are the only way to clearly document radiation doses to employees. Therefore, even if no reading occurs on the report (and that is the goal after all!), dosimeter service still must be maintained.

Regulatory Agency Background & Contact Information 

The Radiation Safety Section is responsible for all nonfederal, nontribal radiation machine and facility regulation in Michigan. This includes the following activities to help ensure compliance with Michigan's Ionizing Radiation Rules Governing the Use of Radiation Machines and applicable portions of the Public Health Code:

  • annual registration of, and registration fee collection from Michigan's approximately 10,000 x-ray facilities with over 29,000 x-ray machines;
  • specific authorization of radiation machines to be used for mammography prior to such use;
  • inspection of any new mammography machine within 60 days of initial use or authorization to be used for mammography;
  • annual inspections of each mammography machine and facility to determine compliance with the Rules and statutory requirements for the approximately 300 mammography facilities in Michigan;
  • annual MQSA mammography inspections performed in Michigan pursuant to an inspection contract with the Food & Drug Administration;
  • periodic inspections of medical and nonmedical radiation machines and facilities, including medical and nonmedical high-energy accelerators;
  • regulatory responsibility for the radiation machine aspects of PET cyclotrons, research cyclotrons, and other particle accelerators;
  • approval of radiation shielding design for medical and nonmedical radiation machines and facilities;
  • investigation of radiation incidents involving excessive radiation doses to workers and misadministrations of therapeutic x-ray, electron beam, or neutron beam radiation doses to patients.
LARA staff are available to provide assistance with the online platform. Please email at or contact them at 517/284-7820 if you have any questions or concerns.

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