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2023 Lunch and Learn Webinar Series 

What Veterinarians Should Know About Therapy Animals
Presented by: Zenithson Ng, DVM, MS, DABVP
Wednesday, December 20, 2023
Noon - 1:00 pm EST
Zenithson Ng is a clinical associate professor of small animal primary care at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. He received his DVM from Cornell University; then completed an internship at the ASPCA, and an ABVP canine/feline residency at Virginia Tech. His clinical interests include behavior, dentistry, preventive medicine, and management of chronic disease. His research and teaching interests span all aspects of the human-animal bond, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and veterinary education.

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Backyard Poultry for the General Practitioner
Presented by: Alex Strauch, DVM

Original Seminar Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2023

As a city kid-turned poultry veterinarian, Dr. Alex spent the first years of his professional career as the first Staff Veterinarian & Biosecurity Manager for the U.S.’s 9th largest egg company – caring for ~9 million laying hens across the Midwest spanning conventional, cage-free, organic, free-range, & pasture-raised farming systems. In April of 2022, he founded Alexander Strauch Consulting to expand his impact upon a broader swath of agricultural industries. As the recipient of the 2022 Early-Career Food Animal Veterinarian Award from Michigan State University, Alex continues to stay engaged with the next generation of agricultural professionals by guest lecturing, mentoring interns, & advising Food Safety Master’s students. Outside of work, Alex enjoys playing rugby and the violin while continually seeking to improve his Spanish.
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Cannabidiol Therapy in Veterinary Medicine
Presented by: Jeffrey Powers, DVM
Original Seminar Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Dr. Powers is the founder and owner of Beaver Island Veterinary Services and the owner of  Jordan Valley Animal Clinic, providing mixed animal veterinary services to the community of Beaver Island in Lake Michigan and East Jordan Michigan. He is also the founder and former owner of South Sanilac Veterinary Hospital in Peck, Michigan. He continues to care for all animals large or small which explains why his customers often describe him as very caring, sensitive and compassionate in the care of their animals.

With increasing interest in cannabis as a therapeutic agent in both human and veterinary medicine, it's important for veterinarians to have a working knowledge of cannabis. This Lunch and Learn will bring expert presenters to share insights into critical veterinary issues, and offer guidance on advising clients considering using CBD in the treatment of their pets. 
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What is the Spectrum of Care? 
Presented by: Kate Boatright, VMD
Original Seminar Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Dr. Kate Boatright has been in small animal practice since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2013. After nearly 8 years of full time practice in both general practice and emergency clinics, she moved to part-time clinical work to pursue her passion for educating veterinary professionals as a freelance speaker and author. Dr. Boatright enjoys discussing mentorship, the unique challenges facing recent graduates, wellness, and the spectrum of care. She believes deeply in the role of organized veterinary medicine and holds leadership positions in the AVMA and her local and state VMAs. In her remaining time, she stays busy chasing her toddler, running, reading, and watching movies with her husband and cats. Register for the March On-Demand Lunch and Learn Webinar

Dermatology for the General Practitioner: Management of Otitis Externa in Dogs
Presented by: Annette Petersen, DR.MED.VET., DACVD
Original Seminar Date: Thursday, April 27, 2023

Dr. Petersen graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover, Germany in 1991 and completed her dissertation in 1992 from CVM Hannover, Germany (equal to a master’s degree in the United States). Dr. Petersen completed a rotating small-animal medicine and surgery internship at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University in 1993, as well as continuing to do some relief work in small-animal practices in Germany during 1993. Subsequently, she worked in private practice in the state of Washington and Idaho from 1994-95 and then completed the Veterinary Dermatology Residency Training Program at Michigan State University from 1995-97. She has been an assistant professor of veterinary dermatology at MSU since 1998 and completed her board certification in veterinary dermatology in 2004. Dr. Petersen has been presenting lectures and research presentations to veterinarians and veterinary students nationally and internationally since 1996. Clinical and research interests: allergic skin diseases, autoimmune skin diseases, otitis externa and media, the treatment of mycosis fungoides (cutaneous lymphoma), with a focus on equine skin diseases.
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Unlocking the Full Veterinary Technician Potential in Practice

Presented by: Shannon Gervais, RVT
Original Seminar Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Shannon Gervais is Registered Veterinary Technologist with over 20 years dedicated to the veterinary industry. She combines her years of team leadership and passion for the profession into her role as Head of People Operations at Galaxy Vets, an employee-owned veterinary healthcare system. In her role, Shannon is responsible for developing and driving the talent strategy, including burnout prevention and thoughtful change management during the transition of new clinics joining Galaxy Vets. She focuses on the needs of the team to build a people-centric culture that supports and improves the employee experience, growth and development.
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Veterinarian of Record: Working with your Local Animal Rescue or Shelter

Presented by: Cathy Anderson, DVM and Pollyanne McKillop, MDARD-AID|
Original Seminar Date: Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Cathy is a 1987 graduate of Michigan State University CVM and has a master’s degree in shelter medicine from the University of Florida. Cathy has spent the last 12 years practicing shelter medicine.  Currently, she is the medical director of the limited admission shelter Adopt a Pet which is in Fenton, Michigan. She is also the interim veterinarian at Genesee County Animal Control in Flint Michigan. Cathy is an Adjunct Assistant professor college of medicine and teaches Humane Euthanasia Practices at the University of Florida. This course is part of the shelter medicine master’s degree program. In addition, she is a trainer for Euthanasia by Injection and Animal Field Sedation; these workshops are taught for shelter personnel.

Polly has been with MDARD for more than 32 years and has extensive experience with public policy; administrative law, outreach, education, and compliance assistance; and implementation of regulatory programs, which she brought with her when she joined the Animal Industry Division in 2012. She also is involved in Animal Control Officer training reviews.

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 Transfusion Medicine
Presented by: Kenichiro Yagi, MS, RVT, VTS (ECC), (SAIM)
Original Seminar Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Registered Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Technician Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care and Small Animal Internal Medicine with a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Sciences. Practicing in the field instructing and supervising veterinary technicians, managing intensive care, and playing roles in the development of technicians since 2001. Instruction has been provided at the practice level through hands-on wet labs, classroom teaching for a veterinary technology program, and by lecturing at international and national conferences.
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Round Cell Roundup: Find the Needle in the Haystack!
Presented by Jeremie Korchia, DVM, MSc, DACVP
Original Seminar Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Round cell diseases, as well as diseases triggering round cell reactions, are complex pathologic processes to identify or even sometimes to detect. This session, based on a series of real and recent cases (2021 – 2023), is a journey throughout the various diagnostic challenges associated with this large spectrum of diseases. The pathologist often combines cytologic features with one or several ancillary testing, such as immunocytochemistry, PARR, flow cytometry, etc., to reach the correct interpretation. This presentation is elaborated specifically for DVM practitioners and aims in raising awareness about diagnostic investigation possibilities. 
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Heart Disease vs. Respiratory Disease in Dogs
Presented by: Janet Olson, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology) 
Original Seminar Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Dr. Janet Olson, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology) is the founder of Veterinary Cardiology Specialists, established in 2010. She is one of the few board certified veterinary cardiology specialists in the country and offers her services in Minnesota and Iowa. In 2004, her passion for community service and firefighters (her husband is a firefighter) lead her to develop Basic Animal Rescue Training (BART). BART is a 501c3, veterinary based, nonprofit organization that’s mission is to train and equip firefighters and other first responders how to safely address animals encountered in emergencies and disasters. BART also helps educate pet owners how to be prepared to best serve their pets and families in these tragic situations. BART has trained over 4,500 firefighters in the state of Minnesota and is currently offering its program in Iowa and Oklahoma as well.
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Anesthesia: Reducing Morbidity and Mortality
Presented by: Anderson F da Cunha, DVM, MS, DACVAA
Original Seminar Date: Wednesday, October 18, 2023
Dr. da Cunha received his DVM from the Universidade Federal do Paraná- Brazil in 2000. After that, he received his Master’s degree in Veterinary Anesthesia and Surgery from the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil. In 2002 he moved to the US where he completed an internship in veterinary anesthesia and pain management at the Louisiana State University and an anesthesia residency at the North Carolina State University. Then, he became a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia. Between 2006 and 2019 he acted as a Professor and service chief for the Louisiana State University’s  anesthesia and analgesia service. In 2019 his passion for teaching brought him to the Midwestern University (Arizona) where he is a Professor of Anesthesiology and Director of the Companion Animal Clinic.
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Veterinarian Practice Finance 
Presented by: Corey Fondersmith and Deborah Shepherd, The Huntington National Bank
Original Seminar Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2023
Noon - 1:00 pm EST
Join Corey and Deborah, veterinary industry finance experts from The Huntington National Bank, to discuss the overall Veterinarian Market, and what is typically needed to start up, grow, maintain and/or pass on the practice. They will go over how financing those scenarios typically work, and the processes. They will also dive into what things to look for when you are managing account payables and receivables, in the veterinarian space, and how to be more proficient in that arena.

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